Visa Interview

On Wednesday I traveled up to London to see a Norwegian friend that I haven’t seen for three years, and on the Thursday it was my visa interview at the United States Embassy. My mum and I stayed at my Auntie’s near Gatwick on Wednesday night and caught the train in on Thursday morning. After we reached Oxford Circus on the underground and were about to change trains, we discovered that the Central Line had been suspended and we had to use a map to find the embassy which was pretty difficult. After we eventually got there, the embassy looked so grand, there were security guards carrying around massive guns outside, American flags and a huge gold Eagle on the roof. We had to queue up outside and four people were let through security at a time and you had to show your application confirmation, MRV fee receipt, passport and the DS form and you weren’t allowed to take in any electronic devices. The security was like airport security with the bag scanner and walk through machines, it was very daunting. After getting into the building we had to go to reception, show them the same documents again and then you were given a number and sent into a huge room to wait. The room had a screen at the far end which showed which number had to go to which screen and it also had a propaganda film of everything American playing. After waiting about half an hour I was called up to one of the screens, handed in all previously mentioned documents plus the SEVIS receipt and had all my finger prints taken. I then had to go back and wait for my number to be called for an interview, I was sat waiting for 2 and a half hours for my interview and when I eventually got to the interview screen, they checked my fingerprints and asked me three questions and then said they’d approved my visa and had to take the delivery form to the post office at the back of the waiting room so they could deliver my passport. As a tip, remember to bring money with you into the embassy as I didn’t have any and had to go back out and get my purse from my mum and then re-queue at the post office place.

It was a long, long day with a lot of waiting around, but I am so glad I finally have my visa. I leave one month today and I am so excited.


2 thoughts on “Visa Interview

  1. Having an interview at the US Embassy in Stockholm in a little less than a month, this was a great read for me. I´m really nervous and not really sure what to expect, so getting some down to earth intel is fantastic and has really helped calm my nerves, thank you for that. I look forward to following your adventures in the states.

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